Now you can rent funky workspaces in the Bay Area. Thanks to Portland startup, Radious.

Why does workspace have to be so binary? It seems like you’re either at home or at the office. Or maybe you’re trying to pop into a coworking space β€” which is really just another office β€” or coffee shop to get work done. But what if you could rent a funky inspirational workspace by the day? That’s the question that Portland startup Radious has been working to answer. And now they’re answering that question for the Bay Area.

Homeowners, especially in pricey markets like Northern California, can benefit from the extra cash that comes from renting a house out for the day, [CEO Amina] Moreau said.

She said the company’s Bay Area move makes sense because it’s home to so many startups. And those companies often rely on a mix of at-home and in-person work, she said.

“No startup is really signing a lease right now. They’re all doing some combination of remote work with occasional in-person togetherness,” Amina told Business Insider.

The Bay Area footprint complements an earlier expansion to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A search in Radious’ hometown Portland boasts 104 listings for a single worker. Some for less than $100 a day. Which can be pretty affordable if you’re splitting with a few folks β€” or getting reimbursed by your company.

Interested in chatting with the team? They’re hosting an open Zoom call on October 11, 2023, at 11:00AM Pacific Time.

For more information on the expansion, read “Many of us want to work alongside others β€” just not all the time. The coworking startup Radious thinks it has the answer.” For more on the company, visit Radious.

[Full disclosure: Radious is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]