Expensify makes it personal

Have you been tracking on Expensify, lately…? They’ve had a fairly quiet presence here in Portland for years. Even though they’re one of the newest publicly traded companies in town. But lately, they’ve been making a little more noise. First, they championed the refresh of a classic Portland food cart pod. Then, they started supporting educators more effectively. And now? They’ve officially become both a B2B and B2C company. That’s right. Expensify is now helping with personal expenses, too.

The main difference between Expensify and New Expensify is the ability to easily handle personal finances and quickly set up chats between friends and colleagues. 

New Expensify is an upgraded version of Expensify — with all the same services you know and love, such as receipt scanning and expense reporting, plus brand-new features designed to help you get more done on the go.

Portland startups have been traditionally strong in B2B tech. Not so much with B2C. But given Expensify’s maturity, I’m hopeful that they reverse that trend — like other folks in the fintech space have managed to do.

If you’re interested in more, read the coverage from the trades like FinExtra “Expensify moves into personal finance” and PYMNTS “Expensify Ventures Into Personal Payments With New App.”

Want to hear directly from the CEO? Consider attending the Portland Business Journal’s November Power Breakfast.

For more information or to try the app for yourself, visit Expensify.

[Full disclosure: I am an Expensify shareholder.]