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Jive Software hires McCracken as Senior Vice President of Sales, Lanfri joins Board

Jive SoftwarePortland-based Jive Software recently announced that they have hired John McCracken as Senior Vice President of Sales. McCracken comes to Jive most recently from Inovis, a maker of supply chain management solutions. Prior to Inovis, he worked for Jive board member Tony Zingale at Mercury Interactive. Mercury was acquired by HP in 2006.

Jive CEO Dave Hersh says, “John is a hugely talented sales leader who has worked with most of our other execs during his time at Mercury.”

The company has also announced that Bill Lanfri has joined its Board. According to his bio:

Some of his more recent experience includes Operating Partner at Accel Partners from 2000 – 2003, during which time he served as CEO of the Accel / Sequoia investment Big Bear Networks from 2000 to 2001. Before joining Accel, he served in 1998 and 1999 as CEO of Avanex Corporation (NASDAQ: AVNX). Prior to Avanex, he was a founding investor and key advisor to RedBack Networks (NASDAQ: RBAK). He has served on numerous boards in both advisory and initial funding capacities, including network security company Network Alchemy, acquired by Nokia Corporation in early 2000.

For more on Jive’s leadership, see the bios of the management team and the Board.

Digital Trends hires new CFO

Digital TrendsDigital Trends is one of my favorite “sleepers” around the Portland area. Whenever I mention their name and the fact that they’re here in the Silicon Forest, I’m usually met with a “Really? That’s a Portland company?”

Kind of like Survey Monkey and—to a lesser extent—COLOURlovers. (Yes, those are both Portland companies, too.)

I mean, I rarely if ever hear anyone around here talk about Digital Trends—apart from an occasional mention on the Techvibes’ Portland Start-up Index (they’re #5). And unfortunately, I never happen to run into any of their employees at any of the local tech events.

So, why should you care?

Only because Digital Trends happens to rack up about 40,000,000 visitors readers (3-4 million unique visitors to the site). Per month.

That’s right. 40 million visitors readers each month.

And that, my friend, is not to be taken lightly.

Another sign that they’re not to be taken lightly? Even though they’re pretty small, Digital Trends has just hired a new CFO, Nathan Bell.

No, not that Nathan Bell. That’s Nathan P. Bell.

In fact, I think this Nathan Bell is actually related to the CEO, Ian Bell. Or it’s just a random coincidence that they’re both named Bell—and that there are two Gauls in the company, too. (I’m not ruling anything out at this point, given that whole Nathan Bell thing. Maybe it’s Intrigo‘s Nathan who’s related to Ian?)

I’m sorry. Where was I? Gauls. Bells. Oh yes.

So Nathan Bell has been named the new CFO:

“Nathan brings years of financial experience to the table, and will help to shape the future path of the company as it continues to evolve and grow its awareness amongst technology readers,” said Ian Bell, Chairman and CEO, Digital Trends. “We’re pleased to welcome him to the Digital Trends team.”

And I’m hoping that we see more and more of Digital Trends around the Portland scene.

Digital Trends is the first stop for everyday readers, working professionals and gadget enthusiasts alike looking to make sense of how gadgets, games, home theater components and other tech-related products fit into their everyday lives. For more information, visit Digital Trends.

Galois grabs Martin Wehner, new office

GaloisPortland-based Galois has snapped up Martin Wehner for a business development position they’re calling “Client Caretaker / Offer Builder.” Wehner comes to Galois from Jive Software.


Never heard of Galois? You’re not alone. And Martin will be working to help fix that. (In fact, he’s already convinced them to show up at Beer and Blog Blog and Beer.)

So what do they do?

Galois creates trustworthiness in critical systems by taking blue-sky ideas and turning them into real-world technology solutions. Galois tackles challenging Information Assurance problems that have significant impact on society in areas like privacy, security, and safety.

Would you like to learn more? Well, you’re in luck, my friend.

Galois just relocated to the historic Commonwealth Building in downtown Portland. And to warm up the new space, they will be hosting an open house on Thursday, September 18 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm at 421 SW Sixth Avenue, Suite 300. For more information or to RSVP, see Upcoming.

Galois technology is about enabling secure collaboration, providing customers new capabilities in the areas of Web 2.0, cross-domain solutions, and communications security. For more information, visit Galois.

Waiting for the right gig pays off: Troy Harlan joins Vidoop

One of the regular fixtures of the burgeoning Portland Web tech scene has been Troy Harlan (@theInfovore), a recent transplant from the Bay Area.

And time and time again, I would hear the inevitable small-talk question arise. “So… where do you work?” And time and time again, Troy would respond that he was “looking for the right thing to come along.”

Last week, Harlan hinted that the wait might be at an end, but that he “didn’t want to jinx it.”

Well, it looks like the waiting has paid off. And how.

Troy will be joining Portland-based Vidoop on September 2nd as Senior Sales Engineer. He will serve as a primary technical resource for Vidoop’s newest customers, helping them through their integration testing and shepherding them into production.

Mitch Savage, Troy’s new boss, shares that Vidoop was eager to work with Troy because of “his strong technical chops and his broad experience with system integrations.”

“The hardest thing about bringing Troy on is that his start date occurs during Vidoop’s all-company move to Portland,” said Savage. “But we’re making it work. That’s how much we wanted Troy on board.”

Congratulations to Troy on his new gig. And congrats to Vidoop on continuing to snap up the best and brightest in town.

The rest of us are still polishing our resumes.

Vidoop scoops up Bob Uva

VidoopPortland-based Vidoop continues to attract leading talent. Their latest hire, Bob Uva, is an industry veteran with an impressive development history. His most recent efforts have been focused on .NET C# distributed application development.

So what does Vidoop gain with Bob’s talents? Good question. And I say that, mostly, because it’s exactly the same question I asked Bob.

“I have been a software developer for twenty-two years, working mostly with the Microsoft stack, everything from Windows 16-bit to 32-bit programming in C, C++ and C#/.NET,” said Uva. “I bring a lot of experience with Microsoft technologies to Vidoop, as well as a desire to help the company realize a larger vision in open web technologies for identity management and security.”

Glad to see the Vidoop team continue to grow even as they ready themselves for a mass influx of Tulsa talent. I, for one, can’t wait to see what this team is able to accomplish.

For more information, see Bob’s profile on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter, or visit his personal blog. For more on the company, visit Vidoop.