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Catch the Portland Seed Fund companies before they sprout at the demo day after party

Well well well. It’s time for the next Portland Seed Fund (PSF) Demo Day. And if you’re familiar with Demo Days, they sort of tend to be secretive affairs. With few attendees. But lots of accredited investors. And not much of an opportunity for the larger community to engage. Read More

PIE Demo Day livestream, Tuesday at 2:30 PM PT: Meet Athletepath, Cloudability, DailyPath, MoPix, Revisu, spotsi, Stayhound, and VendScreen

September 1, 2011, doesn’t seem terribly long ago. But a whole crop of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) startups has come into being since then. And now, they’re ready to share their stories with you out there in TV land or livestream land or whatever.

Tune in at 2:30 PM Pacific Time right here to catch the livestream of PIE Demo Day, direct from the sold out Bagdad Theater in Hawthorne. Read More

Portland Seed Fund stages inaugural Demo Day and… [insert horticultural pun here]

It seems like it was only three months ago that the Portland Seed Fund revealed their first class of startups. Oh wait. It was only three months ago.

And today, those startups emerged—some all growed up and some completely transformed—to take the stage at Ziba Design for the first Portland Seed Fund Demo Day. Read More