June 9th, 2009

db clay is looking for an investor

db clay is looking for an investor

While it’s not the usual kind startup I tend to cover around here, db clay is such an awesome Portland story that I can’t help but spread the news. Especially when it could mean the survival of the company.

db clay is seeking an investment of $250,000—to buy about 20% of the company. What all does that include? Well, Garett Croft Stenson recorded a video to show you.

db clay seeking $250,000 from Garett Stenson on Vimeo.

I’m a proud db clay wallet carrier and I know a ton of people here in town—and around the world—are as well. db clay’s duct tape wallets are durable, beautiful, and just pretty darn cool.

If you’re willing and able to invest in the $250,000 range, I’d encourage you to contact Garett.

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10 Responses to “db clay is looking for an investor”

  1. Got one of their wallets via Woot.com and they are good and durable. If I have the cash I’d help out..even actually do real work like designing. I’d call that “Reverse Internship”: I’d pay to work there!

  2. Matt Youell says:

    I’m confused. I thought they closed up shop last year? (http://www.mrdiggles.com/?p=477)

    In any case, props to them for making an actual, tangible product. So many other businesses in the area leave me wondering what the hell they actually do.

  3. Thanks for the post Rick! We got started making Duct Tape wallets (matter of fact, I’ve personally made about 30,000 of them) but have since moved on to a full line of personal accessories with distribution in about 500 stores worldwide – we now even offer a kit that teaches you how to make your own! In particular, we are seeking capital for purchasing inventory, (re)start opex and hiring personnel… oh the irony of raising capital for a wallet company during an economic depression… maybe a chance to have your association with money be a positive one for a change!

  4. Ken Westin says:

    You should design a special edition recession wallet with no place to put cash…only credit cards.

  5. Marcus says:

    Or rather, no credit cards, only cash.

  6. Here’s a video of a kid making a wallet out of cash… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds_ou1HLYQM

  7. Hey Matt – inventory is king and we didn’t have it in 2008!!! – here’s quick summary of where we are at http://blog.dbclay.com/2009/06/1000-hand-printed-wallets-for-sale

  8. Matt Youell says:

    Wallet made out of money is full of win.

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