August 5th, 2009

Webtrends releases Webtrends Analytics 9, initial reviews are ecstatic

Webtrends releases Webtrends Analytics 9, initial reviews are ecstatic

Fresh off the news of the Widemile acquisition, Portland-based Webtrends rolled out the latest version of their Web analytics software, Webtrends Analytics 9.

Now in a day and age when folks can get Web analytics for free—or at a very low cost—you might think that an upgrade to the Webtrends offering might fall a little flat.

Well, think again, my friend. The feedback on Webtrends 9 has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to their opening up the platform to other data streams—and in so doing, helping folks do a better job of understanding what’s happening on their sites.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what folks are saying:

Webtrends 9: Google Analytics Eat Your Heart Out

In addition to a standards-based interface that’s data-driven and accessible, three new features make Webtrends 9 stand out from the crowd.

First, there’s a selective RSS overlay to let you match site activity with key feeds. Second, you can now generate URIs and REST urls to export your data and embed it in applications and Excel spreadsheets. Last, but definitely not least, is the story view, which automatically turns your entire analytics report into a short narrative for use in emails, reports, and presentations.

For more, see ReadWriteWeb.

WebTrends 9 Spits in Google Analytics’ Face; Steals Its Lunch Money Too!

And, how about having someone actually interpret all of those numbers for you? Instead of paying for a web analyst with a PhD, WebTrends will convert the data to something you can actually understand!

Plain English!

For more, see Marketing Pilgrim.

Webtrends 9 Delivered: Exceeds All Expectations

There are two revolutionary features, though, that caught my attention.

The first feature should be a feature in every organization’s arsenal if they wish to make their platforms easy to integrate. That feature is the ability to click share and retrieve the actual data in Excel, XML or retrieve the actual REST API call! Wow!

The HUGE feature that I believe will shake the foundations of the Analytics world is the ability to overlay any RSS feed onto your data! Online marketing has dramatically changed over the last few years and off-site metrics are directly impacting online stats. The ability to overlay a Twitter Search, News, your Blog, the weather… the list is endless!

For more, read the Marketing Tech blog.

Webtrends 9 Reinvents Web Analytics Story Telling

Great UI’s, crafty data collection and clever business intelligence go a long way. But that’s not far enough these days. Forget user interface, open is the new elegance.

Amazon has literally vomited its internal business operation units upon us in the form of Amazon Web Services. It’s been a great experience. And it’s a wonderful image of what, to some degree, many technology companies must do.

In speaking with Alex, it was clear he and his team understood this and prioritized it. Webtrends 9 APIs are not just about getting data out. It’s a two way street deep down in there — you can put your data in, take it out, analyze it and then construct your stories.

For more, see CMSwire.

Webtrends Launches Analytics 9

Webtrends Analytics 9 is now compatible with Apple’s iPhone. But how could this be – aren’t most analytics engine’s primarily flash? Not Analytics 9. It uses only HTML, CSS and Javascript – No Flash. Even if javascript is turned off, Analytics 9 automatically downgrades itself without losing any of its usability.

For more, visit WebProNews.

Need more than just gushing?

If there’s anyone who knows effusive gushing about Portland products, it’s me. I mean, have we met? But I also realize—and have been told innumerable times—that folks like some facts, too.

So, if you’re one of those factual types interested in hearing more about Webtrends Analytics 9 has to offer, head on over to Webtrends for a detailed review of the features. Or check out what you can do with the API. Still not enough detail for you? Well maybe downloading a PDF of the data sheet will help.

Still, all the gawking aside, I think it’s safe to say that Webtrends has made a decided leap forward in how we think about analyzing Web traffic. Not only that, they’ve added some of those features for which many of us have been wishing. And I wouldn’t have expected any less from them.

It will be interesting to see what’s next.

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