July 6th, 2010

PhoneGap fills your mobile development knowledge gap with training in Portland (and a discount)

PhoneGap fills your mobile development knowledge gap with training in Portland (and a discount)

If you’re looking to build cross platform mobile applications using something as straightforward as HTML and JavaScript, one of the best options is PhoneGap. What could be better than getting access to iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, Symbian and Blackberry without having to recode your app?

And I know that HTML and JavaScript sounds straightforward. But what if you’re a little wary of dangling your toe into the PhoneGap pond? Well then, you might opt to get a little training as well. The PhoneGap folks will be in Portland on July 16 to do just that. And if you use the code “siliconflorist,” they’ll even knock 50 bucks off the registration fee.

Now, PhoneGap has been in town before. And their session at Mobile Portland was extremely well received. But this is a great opportunity to get hands on training with their platform and their way of delivering one set of code to multiple handset platforms, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Palm.

Who should attend? Well, practically anyone who has a working knowledge of HTML and an interest in mobile apps should be able to get a great deal out the session. The PhoneGap folks specifically recommend that Web and mobile developers, Web designers, and project managers give the training a spin—just to make sure they understand all the ins and outs of PhoneGap.

And trust me. You’re going to learn a lot. Besides, you’ve got that itch to start building mobile apps right? I mean, how else are we going to keep Portland the de facto hub of mobile app development?

By the time you walk out of the training, you’re going to know how to do everything from setting up your dev environment to creating amazing UI transitions with CSS to compiling your code for multiple platforms. And then we’ll all be eagerly awaiting your native app—no matter what handset we choose to use.

Sound interesting? A full day of training runs $499. But, again, you can knock $50 of that by using the “siliconflorist” discount code. For more information or to register, visit the Eventbrite page on Portland’s July 16 PhoneGap training.

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