October 7th, 2010

Spoiler alert: pdx.fm is very likely metamorphosing into cascadia.fm

Spoiler alert: pdx.fm is very likely metamorphosing into cascadia.fm

Okay. So I’m a blogger. And one of the requirements of being a blogger is rumor mongering. Sorry. It’s true.

So even though I have absolutely no confirmation of anything of any sort. It’s almost a pre-requisite that I start making unsubstantiated assumptions. And casting some aspersions willy nilly. That’s right. I said “aspersions.”

You see, it appears to me—like some nutty game of Clue—that there’s something a brewin’ with that pdx.fm crew.

So before I get to rumoring mongering, here are the facts:

So just like Clue, I’ve got three cards. And it may not be the person, the object, and the location, but I’m going to guess anyway.

I know that Robert has a lot of connections in the Seattle area. That’s my one additional piece of knowledge. So here goes.

Tomorrow morning, listen to Suck It™ at 8:30 AM PT and I will bet you money—even though I’m not a betting man—that Robert will announce that pdx.fm is transforming into something new. And that something new will be cascadia.fm.

What will that entail? Well, my guess is that Robert has recruited talent from the Seattle area to complement the talent he’s recruited from the Portland area. And that the combined result will be something that appeals to the entire western seaboard and beyond. And that entity will continue to cause terrestrial radio a whole ton of heartburn.

But we’ll just have to wait and see if my rumor mongering is close or dead on or whatever. So see if pdx.fm emerges from the chrysalis as I predict it will. Tune in tomorrow at 8:30 AM to find out.

For more information, visit cascadia.fm or follow @cascadiafm on Twitter.

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4 Responses to “Spoiler alert: pdx.fm is very likely metamorphosing into cascadia.fm”

  1. Ryan says:

    Been noticing this as well. Personally I’m excited to see what happens.

  2. John Book says:

    I had noticed the change about a month ago maybe, and had asked Robert Wagner via Twitter what was up. He calmly replied “sssshhhh!” I would visit the pdx.fm website to find out about specific shows, and a simply scroll to the bottom of the page lead me to seeing something different. When I saw the Cascadia name, my initial thought was “this sounds a bit grand, maybe the scope is going to get bigger”. It wasn’t just “The sound of the Pacific Cascades, it was CASCADIA!”. With an .fm attached, I moved the cursor around and boom, a url. “Coming Soon”. A month later, we’re here and I’m… we’re eager to find out what will be “the next level”.

  3. Drew says:

    And do you think we will find out more about cascadia.tv too? The cascadia.tv web site makes claims of a May 2011 broadcast launch.

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