Poo-tee-weet! Portland podcasting purveyor publicizes purchase of prized podcasting platform,

Saturday is usually a slow news day in the Portland startup scene. Usually. But today was different. There was big news. Of another acquisition. But this time, it’s someone else acquiring a Portland company.

That’s right. Today, Robert Wagner announced that (nee has been sold to an unnamed buyer from southern California. Read More


Spoiler alert: is very likely metamorphosing into

Tomorrow morning, listen to Suck Itâ„¢ at 8:30 AM PT and I will bet you money—even though I’m not a betting man—that Robert will announce that is transforming into something new. And that something new will be

Okay. So I’m a blogger. And one of the requirements of being a blogger is rumor mongering. Sorry. It’s true.

So even though I have absolutely no confirmation of anything of any sort. It’s almost a pre-requisite that I start making unsubstantiated assumptions. And casting some aspersions willy nilly. That’s right. I said “aspersions.”

You see, it appears to me—like some nutty game of Clue—that there’s something a brewin’ with that crew. Read More

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