Metroblogging Portland meetup August 22

Metroblogging Portland is a collectively composed blog featuring a relatively continuous stream of local news from local talent. The bloggers work together, but they don’t work together. So they try to meet up once a month.

This month? You’re invited.

We’ll be at rontoms starting about 5:30 or so on August 22nd. If you’d like to come have a drink, we will be supplying a variety of nibbly things for you to munch on while you have your beverage and come say hi to us. Especially if you’re a commenter, even more especially if you’re a regular commenter (whether you agree with us or not) we would love to put some faces to some names. Wouldn’t you?

For more information, visit Metroblogging Portland.

  1. Betsy, Happy to help!

    Unfortunately, my dance card is already filled for that night, but I’m more than happy to point other folks your way.

  2. Hey, Rick – thanks for the shoutout! Does this mean we’ll see you there…?

  3. Thanks, Adam. Apparently, I’m celebrating the one-week anniversary of Silicon Florist with typos.

    I really appreciate your catching that.

  4. I think you mean August 22.

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