Vimeo releases Hubnut widget

Now, I know Vimeo (Connected Ventures) is based in New York, but did you know that they have a tie to the Rose City?

They do. The Community Director for Vimeo, Dalas Verdugo, lives here in good ol’ Portland. I think. I’ll have to admit, I can’t confirm that he lives here. (Chris Anderson, however, can.) But it certainly appears almost certain that he does.

He just posted a photo of IKEA Swedish meatballs. And everyone knows that Portland is still all gaga over the new IKEA. So, he lives here. Probably.

So there’s a tie.

Well, Vimeo just released a widget they’re calling Hubnut Projector (it was referred to as “Projector” when I originally posted; now they appear to be calling it “Hubnut”), that enables you to embed a series of Vimeo videos within a Web page. And since we’re all big fans of the embeddable media—like SplashCast—around here, I felt it worthy of a mention.

An example can be found, below. Scratch that. I tried to embed it and it appeared to conflict with the site template. An example can be found here.

  1. @stonethorn Apparently @turoczy knew it in August 2007: http://bit.ly/WlfV Granted, that could be almost 2 years out of date by now…

  2. Sometimes I see myself in Portland too! I live in the NorthEast. Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick visited Portland a couple weeks ago and was very impressed, so we might be establishing more of a presence here, but that’s probably a good ways into the future.

    I found this post because my wife Googled my name to see all of the weird results. My life according to Google is pretty hilarious.

  3. @Jason Ruby: Yes, but just because it says it on the site doesn’t mean that confirms it. 😉

    Since I’m dedicated to keeping Silicon Florist focused on our fair city, I just wanted to be sure. I don’t want to be throwing just any “cool” news up on the site.

  4. His vimeo profile page says it too.



  5. I can confirm that Dalas is in Portland. Sometimes I see him at Urban Honking events. His Twitter is at http://twitter.com/dalasv

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