Reminder: KATU Portland-blogger meetup, tonight

Just a reminder that the KATU Portland-blogger meetup, previously discussed here, is happening tonight.

KATU Channel 2 Studios
2153 NE Sandy Blvd.
6:30 PM

While the initial reception was mixed, as of this posting, more than 90 people are planning to attend.

If you happen to go and blog about it, stop back by and drop a link. If enough people post, I’ll post a round-up of the feedback on the event.

Same goes for four-square at the Portland Mercury. Word around the campfire is that this will be the most blogged about game of four-square, ever.

  1. Aw. I don’t really exist. But if I did, I would be thanking you for the kind words. 😉

    Thanks for the report. Glad to hear that no one was accosted or held against their will to listen to a timeshare pitch.

    Did anyone take advantage of the opportunity to “take pictures of the studio”?

  2. I attended….turned out pretty good. Brian was right, no agenda (though I still think he has some kind of connection).

    Swag as good…energy drink, candy bar, and a pretty cool thumb drive.

    Missed you there, Rick. I was hoping to meet the author of my new favorite blog!

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