Breaking News: SplashCast to release fullscreen player

We all know that Portland-based SplashCast has been hinting at some interesting stuff in the works. It appears that one of the features in the offing is a fullscreen version of the SplashCast player.

Well, It’s big. I’m not seeing any content Now, I’m seeing content.

I’ve no idea how long this link will be live. But give the SplashCast fullscreen player a shot.

[Update] In other news, it appears that SplashCast has revamped their landing page, giving visitors direct access to SplashCast channels. Another welcome change.

  1. Right back at you, Mike. Glad to see Silicon Florist is on your reading list. 😉

    I must admit, the plethora of tweets from the SplashCast team have my interest piqued. I’ve been wondering if posting to microblogging platforms like Twitter and Pownce might be waiting in the wings, as well.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys.

  2. Hey Rick,

    Great to see you tracking SplashCast so closely! We have a number of new features that we have been releasing over the last several days — with some really exciting stuff to come out next week as well. Hint: my tweet a few minutes ago was a test of something to come (2nd hint: it wasn’t about the content — that was a just a test to a random show in our catalog).


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