AboutUs grows new skin

More news from AboutUs, the Portland-based business-listings wiki. Seems like only yesterday they were outgrowing their old location. Now, they’re outgrowing their old skin and spiffing up the AboutUs wiki, as well.

We’re quite excited about the new look. As we discussed the other day, the leaf logo and the NewSkin are intended to reflect the alive and growing AboutUs community, and make us feel wholesome and rooted in the whole world. We’re happy with this direction for the community and are glad you’ve joined us.

To see the new skin in action (it is out of BETA and has replaced the default skin), visit AboutUs.

  1. wow, I am an idiot! Can I delete my comment above?

    Just noticed the “edit” button….big, phat, green thing in the upper left.

    But I stand by my comment on how they hell they will make money!

  2. AboutUs is a ‘different’ company/site. I still can’t figure out how they will make money.

    but I digress….

    I tried the new skin in beta and the first thing I noticed was the “edit” tab at the top of each page was gone. I left a message on the NewSkin discussion page and no resposne, nothing.

    They have since launched the new skin, with the edit tab still missing. This means you can only edit individual sections, not the entire page.

    As a very active user of AboutUs, i still haven’t figure out how I can do things like add a section or change a section title while in the new skin.

    Too bad they didnt’ read and respond to the comments they asked me to leave on the NewSkin discussion page.

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