Geek alert: Portland added to Google Maps Street View

This is both a geek alert and a time-waster alert, but it’s official: Google Maps now contains street views of Portland, Oregon.

It appears that the street views are confined to more of Portland-proper, with the cameras stopping short of the west-side suburban sprawl growth. The east side looks to be well covered. And they’ve wandered around the ‘Couv a bit, as well.

To begin the time suck, visit Google Maps.

  1. Great news, thanks for alerting us! So what I want to know is where is the official forum for everyone to share there great finds? You know, college chicks sunbathing, someone committing a crime, guy cheating on wife, etc, etc

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  4. Apologies for the belated trackback. I’ve been retagging some of my blog entries and this was automatic and inadvertent. You may remove it if you like.

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