Geek alert: Portland added to Google Maps Street View

This is both a geek alert and a time-waster alert, but it’s official: Google Maps now contains street views of Portland, Oregon.

It appears that the street views are confined to more of Portland-proper, with the cameras stopping short of the west-side suburban sprawl growth. The east side looks to be well covered. And they’ve wandered around the ‘Couv a bit, as well.

To begin the time suck, visit Google Maps.

  1. Apologies for the belated trackback. I’ve been retagging some of my blog entries and this was automatic and inadvertent. You may remove it if you like.

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  4. Great news, thanks for alerting us! So what I want to know is where is the official forum for everyone to share there great finds? You know, college chicks sunbathing, someone committing a crime, guy cheating on wife, etc, etc

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