TwitterWhere: Get tweets by geographic location

It’s Twitter geography day, today, on Silicon Florist. First, my post on Portland Twitter types. Now, something even cooler.

Portland-based interactive developer Matt King has announced the release of TwitterWhere, a tool for listening to Twitter users in your backyard. Or up to 50 miles away from your backyard. Or in someone else’s backyard. Or… Well, you get the picture.

At first blush, TwitterWhere is exactly the type of tool for which people like me—who are looking to keep tabs on the local scene—have been waiting. (In fact, it could easily make me obsolete.)

TwitterWhere lets you generate an RSS or XML Feed to filter out Tweets around a certain area. Just enter a city, state, postal code, choose the range of miles you want to include, and hit the button. You’ll instantly get URLs to add to your RSS reader.

I just grabbed the Portland feed and it appears to be pulling those more hip airport-call-sign-oriented types using PDX, as well.

This looks very promising.

For more coverage of TwitterWhere, see Read/Write Web and Mashable.

  1. Well, there are lot of way you can get connected with yoru friends and this new featgures from Twitter really makes things more easier

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  4. Thanks for the write up! I love the geoweb, and giving people the option to be a little more geo-centric on a service like Twitter goes to show that people are interested in what’s happening with people around them.

    The name TwitterWhere was just something I came up with in 30 seconds of brainstorming, and I didn’t even think to check twitterwhere.com, but apparently someone has another mashup there that lets you update your location on Twitter. Not quite the same, but I hope I didn’t step on any toes by choosing that name…hehe.

  5. This is a pretty sweet tool! Go Matt!

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  7. That’s very cool. I just subscribed to Manhattan with a 5-mile radius as well as Portland.

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