Uncloaking: Imindi

Profiled previously on Silicon Florist while in stealth mode, Portland-based Imindi, a new Web-based thought engine, has officially uncloaked and is now offering BETA invites to selected users.

What makes Imindi different from other mind-mapping tools?

At its core Imindi is a “Thought Engine” because it is an engine that augments the way that we think of new ideas, concepts and questions as opposed to a Search Engine which helps you find information or answers to questions that you have already formed in your mind.

On a practical level Imindi will help you to express your own thoughts and expand them by connecting your thoughts with others. In some ways its a bit like the popular web application Flickr except instead of using it for collecting and sharing your photos you use it for collecting your thoughts.

If you’re interested in testing the Imindi tool, leave your email address after the beep.

  1. Hi Rick, thanks for the post. Yes you are right, Imindi is not just a mind mapping tool. Mind Maps are a wonderful way to visualise the natural associations of thoughts in the human mind and that is why we use this metaphor for the input and output of data on the system.

    What is great about Imindi happens when you add the social networking and relational dimensions to the mix to form a “Thought Engine”. These layers ensure that one person`s mind map can actually be connected with any other person`s mind map on the system thus enabling like minded people to connect, share their thoughts and collect intelligence.

    If you consider that much creative thought takes places when knowledge cylos are broken down and ideas from different domains are allowed to combine and connect – you can see the amazing possibility that Imindi could very well become a global platform for not just collecting intelligence but creating knowledge.

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