I Want Sandy on Twitter

That’s a statement. Not a demand.

I Want Sandy, the anthropomorphic digital assistant (whom I always cover so I have the opportunity to use the word “anthropomorphic”) from Portland-based Values of n, has expanded her available inbound communications repertoire, as it were. She is now available to take your messages and requests as @s on Twitter.

Add her as a friend. She’ll add you. And the tweets will be flying in no time.

Sandy regularly polls Twitter asking for any new direct private messages meant for her eyes only. Each message you twitter is associated with your Twitter user name and account which Sandy checks against the Twitter user name she has on file for your iwantsandy.com account.

For more, see the I Want Sandy Twitter FAQ. Or see Rael Dornfest’s comment on the newest Twitter-based I Want Sandy features.

  1. I tried out the service until I found 2 other ones that I really liked. One is called, ohdontforget.com, which basically allows you to submit things to remember for free.

    The other one is a company that you have to pay for called http://www.RedButler.com. Their memberships start for 35 dollars per month to place up to 15 requests. The cool thing is that it is a real person you are dealing with. You can call and ask them to remind you about stuff, set wake up calls, book your flights, make reservations and calls. I use them for just about everything I do. Both are great and can be really helpful.


  2. Very cool. That Sandy is always full of surprises.

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Howdy!

    And thanks for the lovely mention from a home-town peep.

    Today (and by today I mean just a few minutes ago — I’m still writing up the update notes for posting) Sandy started not just sending reminder tweets and listening for things to remember and remind you about via Twitter, but also full support for updating and forgetting (deleting) too.

    We’ve been dying to do this for a while now and finally had the mindwidth, time, and inspiration to make it so.



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