Silicon Florist adds ma.gnolia to the arrangement

Based on advice from Portland-based social-media guru Marshall Kirkpatrick, I’ve been spending some quality time with ma.gnolia, this year. I’ve had a personal account for some time, but I never really grasped the power of the the tool until Marshall opened my eyes.

You’d think a florist would have been more into ma.gnolia. But so it goes.

So now, I’m in the midst of weaving some of those tools into the Silicon Florist. Like Baby’s Breath in a wedding bouquet, if you will. Or I guess, more accurately, like a magnolia, since that’s a flower.

So far there are two additions to the site, based on ma.gnolia’s offerings:

  1. Weekly link arrangement. Each week, I’ll be publishing a list of Silicon-Forest-oriented links that I’ve found compelling, but for whatever reason (likely lack of time or sheer volume of information) haven’t written up in the traditional fashion. Look for those arrangements to arrive on Thursday.
  2. Pitching the Florist using ma.gnolia (or del.icio.us). I’ve set up a Silicon Florist group on ma.gnolia and I think you should join (I was subsequently asked to setup a del.icio.us one, as well) . When you find something that you think everyone else should know about, save the link to ma.gnolia and share it with the Silicon Florist group (or send it to siliconflorist on del.icio.us). I’ll keep track of the incoming links and write them up (or add them to the weekly link arrangement).

Look for more features and insights as I work to make the Silicon Florist a more valuable resource for everyone. If you have any suggestions, please comment or drop me a line.

  1. Todd,

    Thanks so much for swinging by!

    Long-time ma.gnolia admirer, short-time ma.gnolia user. I’m working on getting up to speed as quickly as possible. And I’ll be happy to toss any recommendations your way. 😉

  2. Speaking as the product manager, Ma.gnolia is very happy to be part of the Silicon Florist’s arrangement – it seems like a good fit, as far as themes go at least 🙂

    If there’s anything we can do to make the group features work better to support your blog, let us know. It’s the kind of feedback that drives almost all of our development.

  3. Sweet! Thanks. I think the response time could be improved though 😉

  4. I like the idea, but never got into ma.gnolia. Can you set up a florist delicious account to send links to?

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