Tastymate adds an extra ingredient to restaurant reviews

Whether it’s true or not, folks in Portland like to claim that we’ve got more restaurants and bars per capita than any city in the United States. And that has a lot of folks thinking about the ranking and reviewing of those restaurants and bars.

I mean, we have a ton of restaurants. But they’re not all good.

Enter tastymate, a new restaurant review tool, which has quietly launched a BETA of its service.

A Ruby-on-Rails side-project for Graeme Nelson, tastymate was designed to be simple, straightforward, and quick, with a simple premise:

I created tastymate because I wanted a better way to find and share tasty restaurants and bars. I wanted to be able to find tasty spots through my friends and their friends.

“Voting” is based on how many people have added the restaurant or bar to their personal lists of “tasty spots.”

So, it’s another restaurant-review site, you say. What’s the extra ingredient?

The little extra ingredient that makes tastymate interesting—besides its inherent simplicity—is tastymate’s Twitter integration.

Follow tastymate on Twitter and you’ll receive notifications when new folks join or when restaurants are added.

If you have Twitter on all-day, it provides a pretty compelling way to answer the “where should I go to eat?” question when you have recommendations flowing in via your Twitter stream. Especially as the user base continues to grow.

For more information or to register for an account, visit tastymate.

  1. @rick – Thanks for the write up Rick! Tastymate is definitely in its infancy as I haven’t done much to push it out into the world yet. I added the twitter integration for fun and knowledge. I basically just wanted a quick way to see when new members signed up and when new places were added.

    @marshallkirkpatrick – Thanks for the feedback. I agree that I can do a better twitter integration.

    BTW, any and all feedback is appreciated.

  2. Interesting project but that Twitter integration leaves a bit to be desired. If they filtered the full feed for a particular city name and then published all the Portland reviews to TastymatePortland and all the SF ones… then that would be cool. I guess I could do that myself too, but I don’t feel like it. Just sayin’ 🙂

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