TwitterThreads: Portland’s love affair with Twitter continues

One of the biggest drawbacks of trying to follow Twitter conversations is that Twitter tends to come at you in one stream. And if you’re following enough people, it’s a fire hose. That said, one of the biggest benefits of using Twitter is that, with the availability of the API, someone is going to figure out how to fix pretty much any Twitter “drawback” you can highlight.

Case in point: TwitterThreads from Portland-based CouldBe Studios, a one-night project that delivers Twitter conversations in—shockingly enough—threaded format. (Man, they should call this thing… oh wait, they already have.)

Developed by Matt Beck, TwitterThreads provides a more conversational view of your tweets, allowing you to see multiple tweets from the same person grouped together or to more easily follow conversations as the @s start percolating.

To see it in action, visit TwitterThreads where you can view the public timeline. Or, login and see how your conversation threads come together.

  1. […] in one night. There’s also a TwitterThreads mobile site at http://m.twitterthreads.com. (Via Silicon Florist) Filed under Apps, Conversations, Mobile | var disqus_url = […]

  2. And you have officially hit upon the one major “drawback” that I shied away from mentioning, because none of us can do anything to fix that one.

  3. Thanks for the nod.

    Hopefully the twitter API will stabilize a bit more, but it _was_ a fun project.

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