Silicon Florist’s links arrangement

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Beer and Blog

For one week only, Beer and Blog, the weekly knowledge sharing get-together for Portland bloggers, will be held on Sunday from 2-4 at the eastside Lucky Lab. (Which is a little late for me to tell you, if you tried to attend on Friday and are reading this on Saturday.) This week? Using dashboards for tracking and managing information.

Hyperlocal News

Brooks Jordan on getting hyperlocal in your focus. An interesting read. And the underlying reasoning behind the blog you happen to be reading right now.

Portland Start-up Index – February 2008

A ranking of Portland-area companies and products based on their Alexa and Compete rankings.

NetworthIQ: The median balance sheet

The following is the initial findings of the data for all “current users” in the US. Nothing too interesting yet, but it’s a start. I have a hunch this is mainly because our user base skews to the under 30 crowd. It will get more interesting as it’s broken out by the demographic categories and presented as part of the comparison report feature.

Congratulations to ENDoutdoor, winner of OEN’s Seed Oregon

ENDoutdoor won OEN’s Seed Oregon Finale, landing them the opportunity to present at Angel Oregon 2008 on March 5th to vie for the grand investment prize. Other competitors in the final round of Seed Oregon were OsoEco and Greenlite Motors.

Vimeo Turns 3 Years Old

Portland-based Dalas Verdugo of Vimeo announces that February 16 will mark Vimeo’s third birthday.

Northwest Startup Events

Anthony Stevens writes, “I’ve been getting a lot of information lately on startup and entrepreneurship events in the Northwest area, so I thought I’d take a moment to compile them. This list is not exhaustive and I’d love to hear about more in the comments section!”

Portland State University Presents “Internet Strategies Workshops”

Designed for CEOs, managers, marketing professionals, strategists, and online developers with an identified customer base, this series provides the most current curriculum in Web analysis and management. Kent Lewis is one of several distinguished teachers that will lead these Portland State workshops.

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