Silicon Florist’s links arrangement

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

Minutes from “Dashboards” at Beer and Blog

From Beer and Blog organizer, Justin Kistner: “Yesterday’s session on dashboards was by far the best beer and blog meet up yet! We had our largest turnout and half of them were fresh faces. I’ve had people tell me that the Friday time doesn’t work for them, so I think we’re going to continue to have Sunday meet ups once a month. I think it will be an every 3 weeks deal, but keep an eye on our calendar to the right or Upcoming for exact dates.”

Jive gets a new logo

According to Sam Lawrence, Jive’s CMO, “Jive’s corporate logo. The ‘Bullhorn’ didn’t represent collaboration as much as it did an individual voice. And it certainly didn’t match the new product logos and corporate identity…. So, today we begin the long, arduous process of switching out the “old bully” with our new mark. We’ve started with our website and will be fully transitioned over the next couple of months. We’re super happy with Jive’s new logo and hope you like it, too. Even though it’s brand new, we already feel like it perfectly reflects who we are as a company.”

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  1. I’ll be the judge of that. As soon as I receive one. Ahem. 😉

  2. The new Jive shirts are pretty sexy too.

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