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Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

Lunch 2.0 » Portland Lunch 2.0 Launches

Yesterday, about 50 geeks and non-geeks gathered at AboutUs.org in their sweet, newly-remodeled space in the Olympic Mills Commerce Center for the inaugural Portland Lunch 2.0. The event felt very Portland with no formal agenda and no presentations, just a good lunch with good people.

PDX Tech Calendar: RSVP for March 1 Code Sprint

Another code sprint for the calagator.org project has been scheduled for Saturday, March 1. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, make sure to RSVP here.

Beer and Blog – Update your blog software at Lucky Labrador Brew Pub (Friday, February 29, 2008) – Upcoming

It’s already time for another Beer and Blog. This week’s topic? Update your blog software – how to put your CMS on a SVN or similar automagic updating system.

March 1st is Calagator Code Sprint Time

Possible tasks for this week include: finally getting that iCalendar import working, sending polite emails to organizations that don’t currently provide a calendar feed, and drafting ideas for the full event listing UI. Programmers, designers, and other tech community members are all welcome.

GoLife Mobile framework and the imminent Apple iPhone SDK

The GoLife team are fans of Apple’s device and we’re excited by the opportunity to develop for it. The SDK poses a distinct opportunities for GoLife Mobile and developers who support our framework. Application portability benefits everyone from the developer down. Developers can devote time and resources to one medium and won’t have to worry about supporting multiple platforms. That’s the beauty of a mobile framework and thats the beauty of GoLife Mobile.

SplashCast creates “Open Gym” application for Converse (Nike)

SplashCast has announced the launch of the Converse splashcast application this week to promote the mega-sport brands’ cross-media campaign called “Open Gym”. The campaign is all about bringing great basketball facilities and equipment to urban centers across the country. Old gyms will be renovated and the kids will get free shoes and equipment for the courts. The initial Open Gym cities include Miami, Chicago, and Philadelphia.In other news, being a grammar geek, I’ve noticed some new SplashCast additions to the English language. SplashCast (proper noun) is the company while splashcast (noun) refers to the player in which the media resides, which of course makes splashcasting (verb) the act of playing media through the splashcast from SplashCast.

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