Silicon Florist’s links arrangement

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

A Great Time at Beaver BarCamp at Fast Wonder Blog

One of the highlights of the event for me was a tour of the Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) where they host the servers for some key open source projects: kernel.org, Apache, Drupal, and many more. The lab also does quite a bit of work with the OLPC (XO) laptops, and is currently working on improvements to the media player.

Pithering in Portland

Portland, Oregon, from a guest’s perspective. “So, after a couple of weeks of planning, I’ve arrived in Portland Oregon for three months. I’m here on a ThoughtWorks project, making use of the company’s perk of being able to move around.”

Oregon Startups: GoSeeTell Inks Deal with the Arizona Office of Tourism

The Phoenix Business Journal reported that Beaverton-based GoSeeTell inked a deal to create a website for the Arizona Office of Tourism: GoSeeArizona.com

Twitter on PortlandSmallBusiness.com

For those of you addicted to twitter, you can now tweet your friends when you post on portlandsmallbusiness.com. Just log into PortlandSmallBusiness.com account and associate your twitter account.

SplashCast Open Gym app springs to second

Quick update: the Open Gym splashcast is the 2nd most popular sports application on Facebook at the moment. After just 4 days since it launched, it’s been added to about 8,500 profile pages, and has about 6,000 daily active users.

Metroblogging Portland – Time for the Upgrade?

Could this be the new platform/infrastructure that’s been long needed? Might we see the end of minute-long waits for comments to be posted? From Aaron Hockley of VanPortlander, “Could there be comment feeds? One of the reasons I left as a writer for Metroblogging was that their blog infrastructure was downright painful to use. I’m excited to see what will be revealed after the redesign, and I hope that it involves performance and feature enhancements rather than just a new pretty face.”

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  1. How to build a Nintendo arcade: http://bit.ly/17Edw. I really wish I had the talent (or whatever I need) to do that!

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