GoLife VADOWERX Framework: Introduced to selected developers

Today, Hillsboro-based GoLife Mobile announced that they were introducing their GoLife Mobile VADOWERX Framework to a select group of mobile application developers. As part of the limited availability, those developers, along with other industry executives, were invited to a special introduction at GoLife Mobile’s headquarters.

GoLife Mobile VADOWERX Framework (Click to enlarge)I went out to do some more research on the VADOWERX Framework site, but everything beyond the first page is currently returning a 404 error. (Please comment if you get different results. I might have just caught them during a transition.)

So, according to the GoLife release on the VADOWERX Framework:

Using VADOWERX technology, developers can rapidly create and monetize mobile widget application services. Developers are also able to collaborate and share software modules in real-time, thus, creating an integrated developer economic model like no other. The VADOWERX framework is designed to enable application development and distribution across a wide spectrum of operating systems, handsets, and mobile operators.

If you’re a mobile application developer who is interested in access to the limited release, visit the GoLife Mobile Developer Lab to sign up. For more on the VADOWERX Framework, read the press release.

  1. Site is up although still has a few holes in it that will take time to fill out. You can go to the main GoLife page and navigate around from there (www.golifemobile.com).

  2. I figured it was something like that. I wanted to make note of it, in case other folks encountered it.

    If you think of it, please feel free to stop back and drop me a note when the issue is resolved.

  3. Thanks for the quick blog. We appreciate it!

    The corporate site had some technical difficulties late yesterday which we are currently ironing out. We will have those fixed shortly.

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