Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 14, 2008

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

SXSW: A “Noob” With a View – Media Bullseye

A little Silicon Florist egosurfing, again. This time, my write-up on SXSW for Media Bullseye.

Portland Small Business updates its look

Well, I kinda put the whole message in the subject line there, didn’t I? Check out the latest version of Portland Small Business.

OTBC: FastTrac TechVenture Information Session

Steve Morris writes “If you are thinking about starting a high-tech or biotech company (or you already are in an early-stage startup), come to this brown-bag lunch event to learn about how the FastTrac® TechVenture program can help you succeed.”

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Preview

I wrote up a quick piece on Bend-based EllisLab’s demo of the new version of ExpressionEngine. But, with a picture being worth a thousand words and whatnot, this video probably does it better justice than my write-up.

Jive Talks: Millions of downloads for Openfire and the Ignite Realtime products

Jive’s Matt Tucker writes, “We recently saw our Openfire downloads counter hit seven digits worth of downloads. The Openfire project is close to my heart and I first want to extend a sincere congratulations to my incredible team for developing the project into one that has hit 1 million downloads. Now the family of Ignite Realtime products have hit a collective download total of 3 million.”


Neven Mrgan writes “So, this is the project we went to SXSW with (more on that whole trip later). I’m the designer/UI dude. We’re just getting started, but we’ll try not to get too Beta on you. Nobody likes that. Jump in now, check it out, send a bug report. And don’t forget, we love you.”

SplashCast First to Launch on MySpace Platform

SplashCast CEO Mike Berkley writes “Without a lot of fanfare, MySpace launched their Developer Platform today. SplashCast is one of only a few developers launching applications on day one — which was also the case with Facebook’s platform launch in May of 2007. Mashable, Centernetworks, SiliconFlorist, and TechVibes all covered our MySpace launch today.”


Grant Kruger writes “So we are having our DrupalCamp on May 10th. One hell of a crowded meeting last night, so clearly DrupalCampPDX is something we as a group are excited about. Folks came from other parts of Oregon too, including one from Eugene, a sure sign that it’s going to be a statewide event at the very least.”

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