Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 4, 2008

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

Entrepreneurs Talking About Recession- Are Angel Investors In Trouble?

Tom Foremski writes “Recession, what recession? That’s what it feels like in and around Silicon Valley. There is a lot of VC money being poured into startups so it feels as if we are recession proof, recession is what happens on the TV, somewhere else and not here.” (Hat tip Andrew Fowler of newsvetter.com)

Idea for making money on AboutUs.org

Ted Ernst writes “An idea came up in the office today that seems to be worth sharing. What if someone else decided to start an article writing service where the articles would appear on AboutUs.org? Would we care? Of course we would care. We would think it’s great!”

New Legion of Tech Widget and Pipe at Fast Wonder Blog

Portland’s favorite Yahoo! Pipes, um, plumber (?) Dawn Foster writes “I thought it would be cool to track all of the various Legion of Tech activities. I started with a Yahoo Pipe that pulls together blog posts, Twitter conversations, and Flickr images that mention legionoftech, startupalooza, igniteportland, and barcampportland. I also used the rss feed from this pipe in a nice little sidebar widget. You can see a copy of this widget in the sidebar of this blog.”

Pub Meeting at Green Dragon | pdxphp

The Green Dragon is rapidly gaining geek cred. Portland’s PHP User Group, pdxphp, will be meeting there on April 8. “No formal presentation this round, just excellent selection of micro brews. The meeting is open to the public (as always), but sorry, beverages are not sponsored.”

New Google Group: Oregon Education & Technology

Thanks to Dave Merwin for starting this Google Group. And please, come one, come all. We’ll be using this venue to discuss things that geeks, startups, bloggers, Twitter types, and anyone else interested in technology can be doing to help with technology in Oregon’s schools.

Are you in Portland? Why don’t we know you?

Portland on Fire is a brilliant site centered around “slow social networking.” One Portlander per day is profiled. And it’s always interesting. Problem is, founder Raven Zachary is running out of submitted profiles. And we’d really like to know a little bit about you.

Feedback needed: myVidoop

Kevin Fox writes “Please check out our profile on BzzAgent’s Frogpond, use the different features of your myVidoop account (I really like the password manager) then give us your opinion. If you have time there is a very quick poll as well. Whether your feedback is good or bad, we want to know. We are serious about making the myVidoop experience as smooth and easy as possible.”

PDXWI: More like Coolness Management System

Adam DuVander writes “There was really no way to manage the coolness at our April meeting. About 40 people, mostly developers, packed into the ISITE conference room to see three content management systems explained and demoed back-to-back.”

Ward Cunningham Revisualizes the Wiki

Inventor of the Wiki Ward Cunningham asks: “what would be different if the Wiki were invented today?” Ward will lead a discussion about the future of the Wiki, where he promises provocative questions.

Waxy.org: Internet Power Volume 2: Education

You need to watch this. And if you didn’t get a chance to watch Part 1, go do that. And then come back and watch this.

Angel investors on the prowl

John Cook writes “Want money? Find an angel. That’s how I read a new report from the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire that found that angel investors pumped $26 billion into 57,120 entrepreneurial ventures last year. You read that right.”

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