Silicon Florist gig board pricing reduced

[Editor: I apologize for the heavy Silicon-Florist-oriented content this week. Lots of stuff swirling about the site while news has been light. I’m digging around for more stories to get the focus back on you. Have something interesting? Drop me a line or, better yet, add your Silicon Forest startup to my watchlist.]

We’ve lost our lease! Everything must go!

Oh wait. This isn’t one of those posts. But it is about dropping prices.

Given that the Silicon Florist Gig board is all about helping Web startups, boutique development groups, and other companies with Web-tech oriented positions find the talent they need, it makes sense that, well, folks actually feel comfortable using it.

And unfortunately, since the free postings have been exhausted, the board has gone a bit stagnant. Which makes me think that the price to post may have been aggressive, at best, and perhaps oppressive, at worst. So, I’ve decided to drop the prices for posting.

Pricing is now a buck a day: $15 for 15 days. Hopefully, this will pique some interest and lower the pain of posting to the board.

Honestly, I’d just really like to see this work for employers, for jobseekers, and for the Silicon Forest tech community. So I’d love to hear from you. Still too expensive? Not long enough? Think I should givep the dream and just go free? What can I do? Let me know.

Feeling more comfortable with this direction? Please consider posting a gig.


In the comments below, Jason Grigsby asked, albeit in a bit more couth fashion, “What the heck am I getting for my hard-earned cash?”

Great question. As far as overall Silicon Florist exposure goes, the blog’s traffic numbers are always available via Quantcast or Compete. And the RSS feed subscribers are always available via that FeedBurner chiclet up top.

Below, you’ll find details on the specific number of views each job posting received (from most views to least).

  1. Community manager – Evangelist MyStrands (132 views)
  2. Web design freelance (130 views)
  3. Interactive Strategist Wieden+Kennedy (120 views)
  4. Web Application Developer Intrigo (93 views)
  5. Web Developer WeoGeo (87 views)
  6. Web Application Graphic Designer Intrigo (73 views)
  7. Rails Developer Planet Argon (69 views)
  8. Marketing and Sales Intrigo (67 views)
  9. Software Engineer, Level 1 Jive Software (60 views)
  10. Interactive Information Architect Wieden+Kennedy (55 views)
  11. Interactive Senior Designer Wieden+Kennedy (49 views)
  12. QA Engineer Tripwire, Inc. (46 views)
  13. Interactive Traffic Manager Wieden+Kennedy (45 views)
  14. Interactive QA Engineer Wieden+Kennedy (33 views)
  15. Senior Software QA Engineer Jive Software (30 views)
  16. Software Engineer – Library Development – Contract Position Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  17. Senior Optical Design Engineer Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  18. Director of Channel Sales Lightfleet Corporation (19 views)
  19. Director of Pre-Sales Engineering Lightfleet Corporation (15 views)
  20. Senior Software Engineer – Linux Kernel Lightfleet Corporation (14 views)
  21. Senior Staff Software Engineer – Linux Kernel Architect Lightfleet Corporation (13 views)
  22. Senior IC Verification Engineer Lightfleet Corporation (11 views)
  1. @Jeff – dont get me wrong I love to see the big players on the board as well, and so far they are web/creative related. I just dont want it to become a dumping place for cheap job postings that overwhelm the smaller companies.

    @Rick – apologies all around if i missed or most likely forgot the initial posting of the job board creation. as someone who may be using the board in the near future, I look forward to watching it grow.

  2. I like the new pricing a lot better. Much more accessible to those of us with side gigs and little cash. $15 I can swallow.

    Also, I love seeing gigs from the big guys like W+K and Jive. I think it helps the little guys ont he board.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. @Sean Your IMHO is my IMHO, as well.

    I should reiterate that the current solution is only a proof-of-concept. I put it out there to get some feedback on features and functionality that folks would like to see.

    The long-term plan is to build a custom gig board that supports the type of stratification you’re describing. And I can assure you, that “startups get the exposure they deserve” is at the top of the list for the custom solution.

  4. Looking at the range of companies posting, is there a way to have tiers where a true startup/boutique company can have a reduced price and a larger more established company pays a bit more.
    I worry that larger companies and ones where the core focus is not really in line with this blog, will take advantage of the lowered price. This hurts both the small companies looking for talent and exposure, and the larger ones as its just another channel for them and applicants get lumped in with the rest of the world.


  5. Sure. Happy to do it.

    I’ll update the post in a minute with those details.

  6. Rick, maybe you need to publish some of your traffic numbers so people can get a sense of the possible exposure.

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