Portland Lunch 2.0: Five reasons to attend

Jake Kuramoto gives us five reasons (well, six, really) we should all consider attending Portland Lunch 2.0:

  • You enjoy meeting new people in Portland, some geeks, others not, all Portlanders, all the time.
  • You like learning about cool companies doing cool stuff in the Rose City.
  • You can’t make the evening and weekend activities like Barcamp, Startup Weekend and Startupalooza, but you really want to do 1. and 2.
  • You like good conversation with smart people over tasty eats.
  • You really need to break up your day by getting out of the office/house, seeing the sky, and checking out a new locale with some new people.
  • And bonus, you can’t pass up a free lunch.

Sound interesting? Well, you’re in luck, my friend. The next Portland Lunch 2.0 will be held Wednesday, April 9, at eROI.

More than 70 people have RSVP’d already. So it promises to be quite a crowd. And, unfortunately, it looks like Jake has had to close the RSVP list due to space constraints.

But, I’m still going to encourage you to show up, anyway. Because that’s just how I am. And because some people will not be able to make it. And the way I figure it—worse comes to worst—we can always peel off and overwhelm Backspace.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

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  3. I like it, for all the web workers in PDX. Should be a BBQ in the summer, maybe a park or something.

  4. And, Jake, rest assured that I’m still seriously considering pooling some of the “work at home, independent” types and hosting one of these things.

    Not at my house. Or your house. But somewhere with some room that’s easily accessible. 😉

  5. Thanks Rick. We need companies to host Lunch 2.0 (like AboutUs and eROI), so if you’re interested or know a company that would be, let me know via Twitter (jkuramot) or email jkuramot at gmail dot com.

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