Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 10, 2008

Sometimes, a link says more than I could ever say. Here are some fragrant little buds I’ve found recently, courtesy of ma.gnolia.

Packing Light for Travel with Power and Geek Style

Scott Hanselman writes “I’ve been traveling lately, and last week I posted 10 Guerilla Airline Travel Tips for the Geek-Minded Person. Next week I’m going to Seattle for the week and I really prefer to pack as light as possible. There’s lots of tips on the net on how to squish your clothes (I use SpaceBags) and what luggage to use (I like half-sized wheeled totes) but what’s really interesting to me is what gadgets and electronic equipment to pack that gives me the most functionality in the least space.”

New York Times: A Silicon Valley Slowdown

We haven’t seen this sort of East Side West Side himming and hawing since Tu Pac and Biggie Smalls. First it was tech bloggers. Now, the New York Times says Silicon Valley is sliding. “Less cash coming into the Valley means less cash to purchase homes, and go out to nice dinners, spend on consumer products and go on vacations,” said Hans Swildens, founder and principal of Industry Ventures, an investment firm that buys stakes in start-up companies that need infusions of cash.

Tech firms flock to Portland city’s core

Time to welcome The Oregonian to the party! This coverage is a really, really good sign that all of you under-the-RADAR types are starting to make the rest of Portland begin to take notice. Congratulations!

Free Coffee at Starbucks Every Wednesday Through May 28 (Portland area)

Please forgive the coffee heresy. But it’s free. And I know, as a startup, you’re watching every penny. So, please take advantage. And eat something. You look too thin.

You Know You Want It

StepChange’s Jenn Lynch writes “I Want is something relatively new for Facebook — a true application with a purpose, not just another communication device or game. For ThisNext, Facebook is about much more than games. Like many successful destination web sites, ThisNext hopes to expand its footprint on the web and its touchpoints with customers into places where those touchpoints can be more contextual, relevant and personalized.”

Oracle AppsLab: Year One

Jake Kuramoto writes “A year ago was my first day at AppsLab. Paul and I huddled (virtually) to talk about plans for the team. It was exciting stuff. We had a unique opportunity to operate like a startup within the bowels of a huge corporation.”

Treasurelicious stickers?

Scroll down. Or click the “sticky” tag. Treasurelicious stickers could be making an appearance on a laptop near you. Stay tuned.

Waxy.org Redesigns

Andy Baio writes “For the first time since I started blogging in 2002, I’ve redesigned Waxy.org. Over the last six years, I’ve grown pretty sick of the old design but never found the time to rework it. Mostly, the changes are cosmetic. Cleaner design, new logo, bigger type, headlines, better iPhone support, and more space devoted to Waxy Links.”

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