Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 16

Twitter First Posts

Jason Grigsby writes “Many of the most prolific people on Twitter had the same thoughts as people who look at Twitter now and think it won’t work for them. I thought it might be interesting to go back in time and see if they tweeted about their impressions.”

Platial + Widgetbox + Facebook

Tracy Rolling writes “I have been experimenting with using Widgetbox to put Platial Maps on Facebook. I’m working on a little how-to video for everyone, but in the meantime you can try out the ones we have up already.”

Embargoes: Managing the Embargo Process from Either Side of the Desk

If you’re in a startup and are thinking about working with the blogging community to get your news out or if you’re a blogger who would like some guidance on the whole embargo process, I’ve got a series of posts going over on CenterNetworks that may offer some insight. Or not.

The App Engine Sweet Spot

For those of you considering how to add Google’s App Engine to your arsenal, Chris Anderson writes “The App Engine sweet spot is a lot closer to GeoCities than to Joyent. It’s defining characteristic is fire-and-forget, with standardization as a close second. When clients need to add features to an existing application, bringing a new developer up to speed will be even easier than on a Rails project.”

Come see Vidoop at InnoTech Oregon

From the Vidoop blog “Vidoop / ConfIdent Technologies™ will be exhibiting at this years InnoTech Oregon. Come see us at booth 506 and learn about our cool online security and identity technologies.”

FIRST Robotics Competition

Akshay Dodeja writes “I have been part of FIRST as a participant, volunteer, mentor and a Judge for the last 8 years now. It has been a big part of my life and its has set the foundation of my passions. There are many people who still don’t know what FIRST exactly does, some have never even heard of it. Ill do my best to explain what FIRST is and how and why I have been involved with it in the past few years.”

NW Education Cluster: Accelerate Oregon

From the Clarity Innovations blog “Come meet us at the next meeting of the NW Education Cluster, April 17th. At the meeting will be a presentation from Accelerate Oregon, a group that’s trying to leverage public and private commitment to Oregon’s K12 education system to improve teaching and learning through the integration of technology.”

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