Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for April 23

AboutUs: The Business we’ve chosen

Curt Hopkins writes “Sometimes it’s a little hard to see how this philosophical egalitarianism is going to benefit you, the user. So I wanted to help them articulate the answer to an important question, one that lay in plain site, but had not perhaps been sharpened like it could. What does AboutUs do as a company? And what good does it do me?”

Community: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at Web 2.0 Expo

Dawn Foster writes “I really enjoyed my panel this morning at Web 2.0 Expo with Jeremiah Owyang, Bob Duffy, and Kellie Parker. Here are a few of the things we talked about (including a correction to one of the answers that I gave during the panel).”

The Oregon Economics Blog: Portland Wi-Fi and the Private Provision of Public Goods

Patrick Emerson writes “On Monday The Oregonian reported on the potential demise of the free public Wi-Fi network in Portland. This is not terribly surprising, as economists have long recognized the public goods problem. I have blogged about the public goods problem before, most notably, perhaps, about the Sellwood Bridge, so I’ll be succinct: it is hard to make money from public goods and free markets will provide too little of them relative to the socially optimal amount.”

ClaimID Integrates ID Selector – Making OpenID Easier

Fred Stutzman writes “The ID Selector makes it easy to recall your OpenID when you’re logging into a site, solving a plethora of problems that occur when OpenID’s proliferate. We know this will make it easier for you to log in to OpenID, and we also hope that this will drive some more of that sweet OpenID-consuming that is required to push this movement forward.”

Mobile Portland at Portland State Business Accelerator

Mobile Portland is local user group focused on mobile development. We gather on the fourth Monday of every month for presentations, discussion and networking. This month’s guest presenters are GoLife Mobile’s Mounir Shita, Founder and President of Technology; and Greg Applegate, VP of Business Development

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