Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 07

The Associated Press: The chi of Portland: High weirdness in Nirvana

Wha…? No mentions of “open source” or our tech scene? Pshaw. Worth a read anyway.

Sharing Features

From the Green Renter blog “We added a new feature today making it easy to share green buildings with other social sites like Delicious and Flickr, in addition to emailing your friends. On a building detail page, simply look for the ‘Share’ tool bar on the right side of the page.”

Lifestyle Entrepreneurship – Having a Business So You Can Live Your Life…

Trevor Mauch writes “To me, ‘lifestyle entrepreneurship’ is all about creating a business (or businesses) that allows you to truly lead the life you want to live.”


[Please note: ma.gnolia, as much as I love it, has been choking a bit recently on my link posts. As such, some folks—whom I would really like to highlight—have not been shared here. (When I force ma.gnolia to post, the most it can post is three entries.) So, if you’re willing, I’d highly encourage you to peruse the wealth of links in the Silicon Florist group on ma.gnolia.]

  1. Thanks, Todd. I know you guys are working on it. It had been acting “fixed” for a few days so I went a bit crazy on loading it up, this time around.

    Still the best thing going, in my opinion. Even if I do have to test post. 😉

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