Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 08


Portland Creative/Tech Event Review (PC/TER) 10: BarCamp Portland

Bram Pitoyo writes “Personally, BarCamp Portland was one of the best events that I have attended in Portland. The atmosphere was both very collaborative and conductive to ideas. The people, extremely smart. And the most important thing of all was that, to me, it seems that participants were there because they wanted to be there, not because they had to.”

Sifting through your traffic stats for value at Beer and Blog

Justin Kistner writes “Most of us probably check on our traffic stats for our blogs. But, how many of us actually know how to drill down on our stats to find the valuable information that could direct our blogging activities? This session is going to explore techniques for mining your traffic stats on Google Analytics, MyBlogLog, Feedburner, and maybe some more.”

GadgetTrak chalks up two more iPod recoveries

Not exactly a “Web startup,” but from the Portland area. And what geek doesn’t want to protect his or her gadgets?