TwitterLocal Leader Board adds Top Twitterers by region

With TwitterLocal, Portland’s Matt King took a interesting foray into tracking Twitter users based on their geographical location.

But was that enough for Matt? Oh no.

So, he had to go and make it even more compelling by adding a “Leader Board,” that listed the top 30 Twitter cities, based on the number of tweets per capita.


Still not enough for Matt.

But now he really may have gone too far. Because he just snuck in what could amount to one of the most compelling slicing-and-dicings of the Twitter types I’ve seen.

That’s right folks. The Twitter leader rankings heretofore relegated to the global stage of Tweeterboard have now—thanks to Matt—taken on a decidedly local flavor.

The TwitterLocal Leader Board now provides the leading Twitter users for each city. (Here’s a snapshot of Portland’s leading Twitter users over the last 24 hours, for example.)

As an added bonus, this new view into Twitter locales also provides a flowing tweet stream from local residents.

Our little TwitterLocal is now a big ol’ “Pulse of [your leading Twitter city here],” with insight into who is currently contributing the most to the conversation.

Tweet globally, rank locally.

For more, take a moment to review the TwitterLocal Leader Board and click through to some of the leading locales.

  1. Nice article about Twitter!
    It’s great to see how much can be done with these kind of Social networking sites like twitter and digg

  2. […] features the top twitterers in each of these top cities, too. This new feature was pointed out in a Silicon Florist blog post, where Rick Turoczy said that the TwitterLocal Leader Board represented "one of the most […]

  3. Yes, I should say it was @jabancroft and @oregoniansteve who gave me the inspiration to get this running. Thanks!

  4. great work Matt and good job finding it first Rick! even Sarah Perez beat me and now we’ve got it covered at RWW too.

  5. Nice work Matt! Great to see the hits keepin’ on coming.

  6. This is awesome. @oregoniansteve and I were kicking this around with @mattking, and how here it is. How cool! 🙂

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