I would love to see you on stage at Ignite Portland 3 and so would everyone else

Ignite Portland 3It’s true. I’d love to see you present at Ignite Portland 3. I think you would do an amazing job.

There’s only one problem: You haven’t submitted your presentation.

Well, and not to stress you out or anything, but the deadline to submit your Ignite presentation idea? Yeah, today.

So please get on that, won’t you?

Sure sure. I mean your talk might not be as interesting as how to run a startup and not lose your mind or Cup Noodle or making sense of carbon offsets or talking trash or how to make everyone else happier or a case for cooking food. But that’s okay, because those presentation ideas have already been submitted.

I know you have an idea. And I know you’re dying to share it.

I know you want to present.

So, stop what you’re doing, and submit your Ignite Portland 3 presentation idea. Now. Before it’s too late.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you propose.