Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 28

Intrigo Portland Keeps Growing, Dan Blaker joins team

Erictrigo writes “We couldn’t be more excited about having Dan join our team. His experience, talent, and personality are perfect fits, and attest again to why we love Portland and its people so much. Not to mention, Dan become the first ever Dad to be a part of the Intrigo team!”

What to do in Portland while you’re at RailsConf 2007 (updated for 2008)

Matt King writes “If you’re attending RailsConf this year and are from out of town, you might be like me when you’re in another city: I don’t really find much outside of the touristy areas, or what’s immediately around where I’m staying. But you’re in luck! I live here in Portland, Oregon and I have a list of places to go and things to do that I think are quintessential Portland.”

OpenID To Look For New Leadership

On the topic of OpenID–something near and dear to our Portland hearts–Michael Arrington writes “OpenID Foundation is looking for new leadership to guide the project going forward. Executive Director Bill Washburn, who is the only paid employee of the foundation, will be leaving in six months and the entity is looking for a replacement.”

AboutUs Bookmarklet

Mark Dilley writes “For power users and new feature daredevils! The AboutUs Bookmarklet will open the AboutUs Wiki Page for the website that you are currently browsing. So if you are looking at the InstituteOfMosaicArt.com website and you want to add something to its Wiki Page on AboutUs, you can get there in the click of a link in your web browser!”

Win a free pass to Enterprise 2.0

Sam Lawrence is offering a free pass to Enterprise 2.0. “The good folks at Enterprise 2.0 have given me one free Platinum (no less) pass to give away to a lucky Go Big Always reader. Here’s what you need to do to win it…”