Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 28

Work Session Challenge: Can we replace Twitter with our blogs? at Beer and Blog

Justin Kistner asks “Does Twitter really offer any special service? Have we been duped into using their clogged tubes for no good reason?”

Strands Lifestreaming: What They’re Doing and Invites for Readers

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “The first release of the product tackles usability issues that other services have faced and offers a sophisticated feature set that other competing services will likely learn from quickly. The next release from Strands will include an application of the company’s recommendation technology to the aggregated user data and allow export of users’ standards based ‘taste data.’ Before it can succeed in those next challenges, though, there are some key areas in which the Strands user experience will need to improve.”

Thank you everyone, Ignite Portland 3 submissions are closed and we’re selecting the talks now

Aaron Hockley Justin Kistner writes “Thanks for the submissions everyone! There are some really great ideas here and we’ll be mulling them over this weekend. We will announce our selections early next week right here on our blog.”

N2Y3Con Video: Isaac Holeman and John Wagner of Squarepeg

Good quick overview of Portland’s Squarepeg and what they’re hoping to accomplish. Take a few minutes to watch.

  1. It’s true you did. I posted it, but somehow Aaron’s name was on there. Dawn asked me about it this morning and I think Selena fixed it. We think Hockley haxOred the Legion of Tech mainframe. He’s knows secrets now. Beware!

  2. I could have sworn it had your name on it, last night. Thanks for the clarification. Edited.

  3. Clarification: the submissions for Ignite Portland 3 are in fact closed, but that blog post was by Justin Kistner, not myself. I’m not involved with IP3 other than as an in-kind sponsor.

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