Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 04

Thanks for your love Oregon!

Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarria writes “As with any new beta site we needed your feedback, and yes we got it! And we thank you for that. Now it is our turn not only to improve in those areas where you all told us to do a better job, but also to work hard to bring new features to the service.”

myVidoop Improvements

From the Vidoop blog “We have released new improvements on myVidoop today. Here are a few features that we’ve added…”

Beer & Blog: Make your blog load fast and help the environment at the same time

There is yet another reason to make sure you site loads as fast as possible. It is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce the energy your site uses. Unfortunately, most web sites don’t do the basic things that would make them run faster and use fewer resources.

Tickets for Ignite Portland 3 (Probably Not) Available (Anymore)

Free tickets to Ignite Portland 3 were flying off the shelves after being released today. I seriously doubt there are any left, but I’d suggest heading over here to check. From Todd Kenefsky “You wanted shorter lines and the ability to reserve seats in advance, and we listened. You can now get your ticket to Ignite Portland 3. Here’s how…”

Demolicious! – Portland Web Innovators Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Come see the great stuff your fellow Portlanders have been working on. Several ten minute demos of new products and side projects.

Ten Technology Companies to Watch 2008

Bank Technology writes “There aren’t a lot of niche players left in the online anti-fraud market—or at least not compared to two years ago, before the FFIEC frenzy. [Silicon Florist: Oh man! Don’t get me started on that crazy FFIEC frenzy. Man, I remember this one time…] One of the coolest still standing is Portland, OR-based iovation, which conducts warp speed device recognition during online transactions and compares the device ID to the iovation reputation database in order to block transactions originating from devices with histories of fraud.”

Wanna change the world? Start at home.

Eva Schweber writes “Today I went to the Greenlight Greater Portland kick-off event and heard Richard Florida, author of Who’s Your City talk about what a great city Portland is. Given the livability factors (greatest number of microbreweries, library with the largest circulation per capita, greatest number of bookstores, forest, mountains, coast and desert within easy driving distance) that should be no surprise to anyone. But, he went on to talk about how important involvement in community is to people’s sense of well-being and how the high rate of community involvement in Portland is a huge factor in what makes Portland livable.”
  1. I love how you mix it up a bit by having an article that’s not necessarily the very technical. Was referring to Eva Schweber’s post at Portland Is Awesome.

    And I completely agree with her. Portland seem to be a city that take its work–life balance seriously. This isn’t exclusive to the tech industry. The people that I hang out with “during the day” (hehe) makes the area they live better by volunteering at ultralocal initiatives that are bigger than their day jobs.

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