Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 05

Strange love tech: treasurelicious

For those of you interested in Treasurelicious (and truly, who isn’t?), here’s a great interview from @camikaos’ and @drnormal’s Strange Love podcast featuring Treasurelicious’ @missburrows and @martinwehner.

The “No Pitch” coffee networking

Kevin Spence writes “PortlandSmallBusiness.com is starting a series of weekly ‘No Pitch’ coffee networking events around town. These are intended to be very informal meetings. You show up, order your coffee and you talk with other small business owners…Tentatively, I plan to start the events next week.”

SlideShare: Mobile Portland presentations

All of the slides for previous meetings of Mobile Portland have been posted on a Slideshare Mobile Portland group.

Make Your Blog Faster & Help Save the Environment : Cloud Four

Jason Grigsby writes “A couple of weeks ago, I finally watched An Inconvenient Truth. At the conclusion of the film I started thinking about what more I could do. I’m getting a bike ready to use for my commute to work. I’m reducing the energy I use. I’m contemplating a vegetarian diet. And I’ve redoubled my commitment to getting web developers to take site performance seriously. It saves money, improves the experience for your customers, and it’s easy to do. Most importantly, if you care about global warming, optimizing your site is a moral imperative.”

Golife Mobile: Beer and Pizza

James Whitley writes “What I enjoyed the most was the interaction between individuals who had just met one another and their positively brilliant ideas for linking their, previously disparate, products / projects together. There are a number of people who are actively building some very cool things on our platform which get even better when they interact with applications being made by others within the community.”

Startup Tips: How I grew a waiting list of 20,000+ at Mint.com

Found this via Marshall Kirkpatrick’s shared links. “I think for many new startups the largest challenge is distribution (outside of fb apps) to get people to use their service. Many rely on a Techcrunch post or the hope of a Digg article, Mint was rewarded with those but I think it’s even more valuable to have the right audience checking out your site from the beginning.”

Portland Web Innovators (pdxwi): Andy Baio

Bram Pitoyo writes “The elusive Andy Baio talks about three lessons that he learned from building, in order of appearance, Meaty.org, Waxy.org and Upcoming.org.”

When do you know you have a community?

When you’re a startup, I know it’s easy to get a video-game mentality, tracking stats and high scores. I thought this reminder for Gary Vaynerchuk might be worthwhile. It also serves as a segue to remind you that Gary will be in town July 2.