Ignite Portland 3: And the burning ideas are…

Ignite Portland 3Who could top the presentations of Ignite Portland and Ignite Portland 2?

Well, if anyone has a chance, it’s these fine folks who’ve been selected to present at Ignite Portland 3.

That’s right. The Ignite Portland 3 presentations have been announced.

Drum roll please. And the lucky 13 are (in order of appearance):

And, while the free “guaranteed entrance” tickets sold out in a little over 24 hours, there’s still room for you to attend Ignite Portland 3. Get there early and I’m sure you’ll get into the venue.

If you’re even considering attending, please take a second to RSVP for Ignite Portland 3 on Upcoming so the organizers have an accurate count of how many people they’ll have to turn away will be showing up.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

  1. so glad I got my ticket this morning because I hate waiting…

    (hooray for OpenID commenting)

  2. So does the system distinguishes between entry for website without OpenID, and one with delegated?

  3. Looking forward especially to meeting the Bonobo.

  4. In case you didn’t catch our little inside jokes, we ordered the talks so that Carbon Offsets would follow the talk on buying a cheap car & the Boiling Water talk precedes the Cup Noodle.

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