Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 12

Beer and Blog – DiSo with Scott Kveton and Michael Richardson (Sponsored by Vidoop) at Green Dragon Bistro & Brewpub (Friday, June 13, 2008)

Justin Kistner writes “On this Friday the 13th we’re going to talk about DiSo with Scott Kveton and Michael Richardson of Vidoop. DiSo is a cool project started by Chris Messina and Steve Ivy to create a distributed social network. Vidoop is sponsoring the session and will have several of its out-of-town employees there.”

Iterasi Now Available on Firefox 3

Alex Williams writes “We launched iterasi on Firefox 3 today. Iterasi is fully compatible with Firefox 3 on Windows XP and Vista. You may add iterasi to Firefox 3 just like other extensions.”

The Five Stages Of Early Adopter Behavior

Louis Gray writes “On the Web, this process can be extremely fast. One month’s golden boy can be next month’s afterthought. One week’s addiction can be next week’s memory. For a service to succeed, it needs to attract those early adopters who can help propel a strong population, but it needs to do all it can to keep those adopters feeling like partners and mainstream users, before letting neglect fire up their egos so much that they leave you altogether. Making a successful Web service is more than writing the best code. It’s also about relationships. And while the early adopter crowd is notoriously fickle, they’re not going away all that soon.”

OSCON Drupal booth at dot org pavillion

From Drupal.org “I am arranging for a Drupalcon Booth at OSCON. Let me know if you are available to represent Drupal during the following hours.”
  1. Thanks, Rick, for mentioning iterasi and our availability on Firefox 3! Good quote from Louis. Early adopters are like a band’s first fans. They are the music lovers who see something in the recordings and the performance. Make those fans part of the experience and they will stay with you for a long time.

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