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Award Recipients for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2008 Award in the Pacific Northwest Announced

Dave Hersh from Jive Software wins the E&Y Regional Young Entrepreneur Award and goes on to compete at a national level.

reddit goes open source

From the Reddit blog “Today we’re excited to announce that we’re open sourcing reddit…. When we say ‘open-source’ we mean specifically that the code behind reddit is available to the public for download, and we’re inviting the public to submit code to help improve the site.” Why yes, I am trying to plant ideas in your head. Why should The Oregonian have the only reddit site for local focus? I’m just saying. I mean, Michael Richardson and his cronies know a thing or two about Python, don’t they?
  1. Congratulations Dave! What will you be doing for the talent portion of the competition?

  2. open source reddit. that’s all I’m sayin’.

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