Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 21

A Two-part Rule for Naming Your Startup

I honestly don’t even know where to begin here. But it mentions Vidoop, so I’m including it. Beyond that, it has some redeeming value as one of the most brilliant examples of absolute puffery and non-sequitur logic I’ve seen in some time. Of course, there’s always the possibility that it’s simply an ingeniously crafted trap, too.

Portland MetroFi: Coming Down

Sam Churchill writes “I’m sorry to see it go. I’m using MetroFi’s ‘free’ service in Portland right now, and posting this story using it. The wireless service has been good enough for me not to abandon it. Many of the early glitches seemed to have been resolved (for me at least).”

New LinkedIn group for Portland Oregon technology people – join us!

Greg Hughes writes “Jeff Martens had an idea, one I had been thinking similarly about – but he vocalized it first (or ‘tweeterized it’ might be more accurate). I jumped right in and created a new LinkedIn group called ‘PDX Tech,’ a networking group for people in the Portland, Oregon general area who work in what we will loosely define as the technology marketplace. “

FOSSCoach at OSCON 2008

FOSSCoach is a series of events designed to share and improve the essential skills required to participate in collaborative, free and open online projects like Firefox® and Wikipedia. The first FOSSCoach session will be held from July 23-25 in Portland, Oregon, USA as a part of OSCON 2008. Participation is free.

Now Featuring the FriendFeed Plugin

Jake Kuramoto writes “Commenting on FriendFeed opens the conversation normally reserved to your blog readers to others in the extended network. However, the conversation becomes fragmented as some people comment on FriendFeed and others comment directly on the blog post. A few months ago, Glenn Slaven (thanks!) wrote a WordPress plugin to unite the comments in a single view, and I’ve finally got it installed and running here on our little blog. “

Portland Says C’est La Vie To Wi-Fi Shutdown

From InformationWeek “As expected, municipal Wi-Fi network provider MetroFi is switching off its free Wi-Fi service in Portland, as well as smaller projects in California and Illinois. The company ceased expansion of its existing networks last fall and said earlier this year that they would be shut down if no buyers emerged. Portland wireless chief Logan Kleier, who was instrumental in getting the MetroFi deal signed and underway, responded in surprisingly philosophical fashion to the project’s end. “

Good night all | Portland Metblogs

I would have commented on this post, but I had to login to do so. Buh dum bah. Oh settle down. I’m only kidding. Glad to see Brett (dieselboi) moving on to greener pastures. I’m looking forward to seeing this new effort flourish. I’m also looking forward to providing more details on that new home, next week.