Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 22

Announcing Emailtoid: mapping email addresses to OpenIDs | FactoryCity

Chris Messina writes “The other night at Beer and Blog in Portland, fellow Vidooper Michael T Richardson announced and launched a new service that I’m both excited and a little apprehensive about.”

Ignite Portland 3: An Event Review « Link En Fuego

Bram Pitoyo writes “But to tell you the truth, I’m having a hard time deciding between what got me more excited about Ignite Portland: the wonderful presentation lineup, or the fact that I get to meet and connect with so many Twitter friends in real life?”

Twitter…Three Months Later

Andres writes “The tweets that I find most valuable are those in which someone either a) shares a URL to something worth checking out (e.g., geospatial news, a blog post, practical content, or videos that clearly show why John McCain is a complete dumbass), b) asks a technical or theoretical question that engages others, c) provides a collaborative discourse, or d) ‘re-tweets’ a valuable tweet by someone that I may not be following.”

What I Believe: My 10 Web and Blogging Expectations

In his usual brilliance, Louis Gray does a great job of capturing many of the reasons that I started Silicon Florist. He writes “Sometimes, when I talk to people about why I blog, and what I set out to accomplish through covering what I do, and engaging where I do, I say that I am trying to help shape the Web, and blogging as a whole, to be what I want it to be – a better community with some strong standards for engagement, ownership, news gathering and innovation.”