Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 30

mapdango Is Now Available as a Google Gadget

From the Cartosoft blog “We are happy to announce that mapdango can now be integrated with iGoogle and other Google web pages as a Google Gadget.”

Gone Raw in Oregon Business

Via Needmore Notes “OregonBusiness magazine features Gone Raw in their July cover story: 10 Coolest Tech Startups You’ve Never Heard Of. Take a look and Meet some of the coolest startups running around Silicon Forest today. You’ll find us there, along with a handy drink-finding site (so useful in these hot, hot days in Portland), among others.”

The Mercury’s New Website: A User’s Guide!

From the Portland Mercury “Hallelujah, and whoop-dee-doo! The Mercury has a brand new sexified website, with all sorts of new toys for YOU to enjoy! Surf around and check out these great new features…”

Portland Links

Carolynn Duncan writes “Did I mention how much I like Portland? Well, maybe it’s partly because things are hopping in the startup community, and I had the opportunity to meet with some great people this week, including…”

CouchEngine – CouchDB with Action Servers

Chris Anderson writes “I’ve been working (along with some friends from the CouchDB-PDX group) to enhance CouchDB with the ability to run functions at query time, and return arbitrary JSON or text. You could use this to put a little server smarts into an otherwise mostly client-based application…. Everything is extremely beta right now (I just finished writing code 5 minutes ago) and the API’s could change a little as we write some applications using the development framework Greg’s cooking up.”

Silicon Florist: Jobs in the Silicon Forest

It’s looking like this experiment has run its course. Glad I tried it, but it’s clearly not providing much in the way of that amorphous “value.” Please don’t post any additional gigs. I’ll remove it once this gig times out.
  1. Bummer about the jobs experiment, but I agree, it was definitely worth a shot to try it. Back to work on those florist affiliate links? 😉

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