Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for July 02

I Might Leave Twitter for Identi.ca

Aaron Hockley writes “I’m ready to move to Identi.ca. The big thing missing for me is… you. A lot of the PDX scene has joined (and added me… if you haven’t, I’m aaron on Identi.ca) but it seems folks are still posting mainly on Twitter. Join me in making the move.” [Editor: And I’m over there, too, as turoczy.]

Identi.ca Reply Sniffer at Fast Wonder Blog

Dawn Foster writes “It looks like a few of us are starting to play with Identi.ca. It’s just like Twitter, but without the community and without any real tools to support it 🙂 Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be a good way to track @replies. I’ve put together a quick Yahoo pipe that will catch at least some of your replies. This is highly experimental (pre-alpha stage maybe). Welcome to the Identi.ca Reply Sniffer Pipe.”

Why I’m leaving Forrester

Where will Charlene Li be during her last days with Forrester? Right here in Portland at the Internet Strategy Forum Summit. Charlene writes “My last day with Forrester will be July 18th, a day that I look forward to with anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead, but also with sadness for the colleagues that I’ll leave behind. I’ll leave my good-byes until then, but please know that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the conversation that we’ve had on this blog over the past almost-four years.”
  1. I know, it’s CC, so why not? Host it at the OSL, surfaced here on the Florist? Let’s make that happen.

  2. @Jake Yeah, I hear you. I posted a similar comment over on Aaron Hockley’s Another Blogger. If the Portland area is going to have such heavy traffic, then establishing a server or three here in town makes perfect sense.

    I mean, identi.ca is Open Source….

  3. Funny, it’s down, and not just for me. Checking back, it’s up, and the public timeline has a bunch of message about how it’s been down, ftw!

    I guess it’s not easy being Twitter. Will someone just clone something and host it for PDX?

  4. Yes, I might, um already have, left Twitter. But I agree with Aaron – what’s missing is the community, but I’m not too worried about that.

    The ability to crosspost, using Ping.fm and twitterfeed and tools being developed while we speak will enable this switch to happen quickly and easily.

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