Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for July 10

“Blogging Is Easy, Anyone Can Do It” Actually, It’s Not So Simple

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “If you’re looking to engage in online conversations with a wide variety of people in different circumstances, it’s important to recognize that the playing field is not level. Though blogging software lowered the technical barriers to participation, there remain substantial political and cultural issues that complicate adoption of these kinds of technologies by people with particular life experiences.”

Concrete 5.0.0b1 is Out!

Via the Concrete5 blog “And it is strongly encouraged that you upgrade. Note: When you upgrade, please make sure to follow the instructions here. Read on to learn more about what’s changed in this version.”

Microblogging Explosion

Peat Bakke writes “Holy crap. Every week there’s a miniature gold rush when a new microblogging site is released. Twitter proved the market, and the concept is so simple that anyone with an elementary web development education can put up their own site. And, apparently they are.”

What would you do with 750,000 users?

Nate Westheimer writes “I’d like to pose a challenge to all entrepreneurs or established companies who are looking to increase their distribution (and business) in the digital media world. I’m friendly advising someone/company that has legal access to over 750,000 US Internet users and we are trying to come up with new ways to monetize the audience.”

toonlet: Who will be #10,000?

Portland’s toonlet is on track to crack the 10,000 comic barrier (not including replies). Who will post the 10,000th strip? Maybe you.

ENTP brings on Rabble, ass-kicking ensues

Via the ENTP blog “The excellent Evan Henshaw-Plath, a longtime friend and cabooser, has joined ENTP as our latest Ruby and Rails coder. Evan worked at famed early rails adopters Odeo, and most recently was instrumental in the Yahoo BrickHouse’s Fire Eagle geo platform.”

Work session ftw! at Beer and Blog

From the Beer and Blog… err blog “Today is iPhone Friday and most people will be enamored with their new shiny phones or making statements about how they don’t want a stupid iPhone anyway *ahem* @harrisja. Since we don’t plan to steal the iPhone’s thunder, we’re going to do today what Beer and Blog started out doing—bloggers helping bloggers over beers! “