Lunch 2.0 and OSCON 2008 Like PB and J

[Editor: Like PB and J, so long as you like your peanut butter on one sandwich one week and then like to have your jelly on another sandwich the next week.]

As you get ready for OSCON 2008 the week after next, don’t forget Lunch 2.0 at souk on Wednesday next week.

If you’re planning on attending OSCON—and have accidentally shown up a week early or just happen to live in Portland—and have some time on Wednesday, why not get out and see the Rose City a little. Just head over the Burnside Bridge and into Old Town, the Lunch 2.0 hotspot. As with previous Lunch 2.0s in Old Town, if you decide to drive, have a good time looking for parking.

If you think you can make it, head over to Upcoming and please RSVP. Julie from souk needs as accurate a count as possible, so no one will go home hungry. Also, if you’re vegan or vegetarian, please leave a comment on the Upcoming event; I’ve failed to remember that too many times when planning these things (sorry).

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, both Rick and I will be out of town for work that day. I know, how rude of work to intrude on our Lunch 2.0 plans.

Never fear, Dawn Foster has graciously agreed to MC the proceedings. So, if you were hoping to hear me ramble on about “what is Lunch 2.0”, sorry. Next time.

Speaking of next times, if your company wants to know more about hosting the pageantry that is PDX Lunch 2.0, please drop a line in comments. I’m always looking for prospective hosts to keep the lunch train rolling.

Photo courtesy Thomas Hawk used under Creative Commons.

Update: As Rick has kindly pointed out, I have lost my mind and confused myself about what week it is. My only excuse is I’ve been sick as a dog all week and have lost track of time. Sorry.